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About Us

Passport and a Toothbrush aims to be your number one guide to all things travel. Between the members of our experienced staff, we’ve been around the world a few times over. We’ve visited major tourist destinations, but we’ve also seen our fair share of locales that don’t get the coverage they deserve. 

In other words, we don’t just write about travel – we live travel. By the time you’re done reading one of our guides, we want you to know your chosen destination as well as we do – from signature attractions to local eats and everything in between.

Our Mission

Here at Passport and a Toothbrush, we believe the best way to travel is with a light suitcase and an adventurous spirit. Our goal is to provide a fresh look at destinations old and new – and give you helpful travel advice in the process. Whether it’s budgeting your food expenses or finding a way to make that once-in-a-lifetime experience happen, we’ve got you covered.

Travel Light, Experience More

Passport and a Toothbrush is all about immersing you in your travels, and to do that, we need to give you the full picture for each and every destination. We’ll cover the big stuff – the Eiffel Towers and Taj Mahals – but we also know there’s much more to these destinations. Trust us – we’ve been there! That’s why we don’t skimp on details and personal stories. We want to bring your destination to life before you even arrive, and ensure that you can dive into the local culture whenever you’re ready.

Our Promise to You

Passport and a Toothbrush is dedicated to making adventure possible for anyone and everyone. We know nothing brings people together quite like travel, and we’re here to help you and your party along every step of the way. We also know that every trip is unique and want to ensure that you don’t miss a thing – whether it’s a cute cafe off the beaten path or a hidden beach known only to the locals. Our team has been around the world more than a few times, so when we give you the rundown on these hotspots, we aim to do it with a personal touch. Who knows? We might even throw in a personal story or two! 

On our site, you’ll find all the info you need to have a proper adventure:

  • Destination guides to hidden gems around the world, be they towns, cities, beaches, or anything else that catches our eye
  • Recommendations and insider tips based on personal experience
  • Need-to-know prep and packing info designed to make every step of your vacation an easy one
  • Budget-friendly advice for hotels, restaurants, shopping, and excursions

We’ve always focused on travel-related ways to stay healthy. In light of recent global events, we will continue to highlight safe ways to enjoy incredible destinations.

Our Team

Passport and a Toothbrush is comprised of world travelers hailing from North America, Europe, Oceania, and beyond. From culture geeks and history nerds to genuine thrill seekers and (of course) foodies, our writing team is as diverse as they come. Though we come from all walks of life, each of us possesses an explorer’s spirit and a passion for discovery.

Though our travel writers get much of the credit, they aren’t the only ones working hard! Our dedicated behind-the-scenes staff not only keeps the site up and running, but also works with our writers to ensure our content is correct, consistent, and captivating. Elsewhere, our creative design teams continue to make every article pop with fantastic photography and smart design.

Our Name

Why “Passport and a Toothbrush”? Because if you pack those, we’ll take care of the rest!