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Work With Us

Here at Passport and a Toothbrush, we know that the world has wonders enough to fill countless lifetimes. And while we’d love to say that we’ve seen it all, that we’ve experienced everything this wonderful world has to offer, we can’t (though not for lack of trying!). That’s where you come in. 


If you’re an establishment looking for an outlet to share your travel expertise with the greater travel community, you’ve come to the right place. Run a restaurant? How about a hotel or hostel? If you own a travel-related business, we’d love to partner with you and provide the coverage you need to reach your target audience. By working with us to present your passion, we can highlight your business while you help us feature fantastic destinations.

Submit Your Story

What’s your story? Whether you’re a seasoned world traveler or starry-eyed dreamer, we know you have one, and we’d love to hear it. In an effort to grow our travel community, we are now accepting any and all submissions from talented writers and aspiring adventurers. Send your stories our way, and we may feature them on our website. 

Submission Guidelines

Of course, there are a few rules. Take the time to review our in-house style before submitting your story, and please, do not send pieces that cover destinations from previous articles. If you feel you’ve got a really unique angle on a previously covered area, great! Send us your pitch and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Ideally, we’d like your submissions to meet the following criteria:

  • Feature an intriguing, intimate look at your chosen destination
  • Include unique travel tips and facts that go beyond the standard guidebook
  • Highlight the local culture/atmosphere – think “how does it stand out?”
  • Must have a 1,000+ word count
  • Should include at least 3 HD images

The world is a big place, and we need all sorts of talented people to help us explore it. Whether you’re a travel writer, photographer, influencer, foodie, or anything in between, we can’t wait to travel with you.Please submit all stories, articles, and partnership proposals to spotticomagazine@gmail.com or trvlmagz@gmail.com, or simply visit our contact page.